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You said good bye so long ago
How was I to know it wouldn’t be forever?
You said good bye so strong
How could I be wrong to think we’d never be together?

The years went by and I was so alone
I looked for you in all the familiar places
I found another heart to call my own
A new smile among the unfamiliar faces

He made me laugh and smile like you never could see
Lost in your reflected glory with no space for me within
He was kinder and braver than you would ever be
Pure of motive even if not free from mortal sin

You said good bye so long ago
How was I to know it wouldn’t be forever?
You said good bye so strong
How could I be wrong to think we’d never be together?
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This is my home, the place I call my own
the only world I've ever known
and within my life time it will all be gone
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Character Name: Jennifer Greene (originally named Genevieve)

Concept: Noble Duelist. Poet. Knight-Errant looking for a cause to serve.

Virtue: Justice                           Vice: Pride

Clan: Daeva                                Covenant: Unaligned

“Reputation is what other people know of you.

Honour is what you know of yourself.”


Mental                Social                     Physical

Int:       ●●             Pre:      ●●            Str:       ●●

Wit:      ●●●●         Man:    ●●●          Dex:     ●●●●

Res:      ●●           Com:    ●●●         Sta:      ●●●


Mental:                          Social:                                               Physical

Academics       ●●      Empathy       ●●● (Detecting lies)      Weaponry    ●●● (Blades)

Investigation    ●●      Expression     ●●● (Poetry)                 Athletics       ●● (Dance)

Medicine                     Persuasion   ●●                                 Stealth         

Occult                         Intimidation                                       Larceny        

                                        Socialize        ●●




Majesty            ●●●               


Dominate        ●●                    

Auspex             ●●                     

Resilience        ●●

Merits: ● Masquerade (Socialite),   ● Requiem (Courtesan), ● Fast Reflexes,   ●● Two-weapon fighting,  AmbidextrousFighting Finesse, Disarm, Quick draw, ● Resources

Blood Potency: 3                                  Banes:

Clan Status: 2                                                   Lunar Illumination

Humanity:         7                                              Aura of Madness

Size: 5

Speed : 11

Health: 10

Initiative: 8

Will: 5

Defense: 4

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If I could trade our insurrection for some simple melody
A glade out in the wild merely waiting to be found
A song of serene recollection, resting in the shadow of a tree
Moonlight caught beguiled with the promises profound
To change the composition, to escape our dismal fate
To become the real musician, despite what harmonies dictate
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When all is said and done
When I face the rising sun
When the birds begin their waking call
I still hold my love for thee

When the memories are gone
When my battle lines are drawn
When the snakes begin their bitter enthrall
I still hold my love for thee

When I can bear nothing more
When I lie bleeding on the floor
When the wretched monsters maul
I still hold my love for thee

When I face the break of day
When my virtue fades away
When the demon inside me claims it all
I still hold my love for thee
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Do you know? I believe that if the Prince had killed Jack, I’d never forgive him.

Fear and terror win the day
Pride and wrath prevail
Where justice went no one can say
And honour is sure to fail
Where is glory found in this,
Where might righteousness lie?
Damnation now instead of bliss
Whenever good men die

Wrath destroys what once was great
And pride erodes the pure
Envy robs the wise of fate
And hate brings an end for sure
Where is hope in bitter refrain.
What voice can mercy cry?
What in this can any gain,
Whenever good men die?

If this is us then woe are we
And never will we be saved
Anger blinds our eyes to see
And rage will not be braved
This our chorus and this our song
If the best of us only sigh
Grace no space can here belong
Whenever good men die.
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Close your eyes my friend, and turn your face away,
I can not bear to feel the weight of your steady gaze
The night is creeping onward like a twisted passion play,
And if I could, I would lose myself in your heart’s maze
I wait for the moment when your passion will shine
Brilliant like sunrise, far hotter than flame

How slowly the moments move, one hour onto another
Decades could pass more quickly in this darkness deep
The silence is thick and vicious enough to smother
I can not cry without you, and still I dare not weep
I wait for the moment when your hand is in mine,
and your voice softly whispers my name.

Count the seconds as they fly, for they will not pass again
Each is lost forever with the first rays of the sun
This night, like every other, is merely one in a long chain
Without you I have nothing and all is undone
I wait for the moment when our two fates entwine
With nothing to lose and no one to blame
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In honour of the Good Bishop, who laid down his eternal life to battle the greater foe and save a city that Blood-hunted him. Twice.

They trade upon your virtue;
They feed upon your grace.
By the mercy of your striving,
another dawn they will embrace.
Yet still they dream of murder,
Take glee at your demise:
Is honour sold so cheaply?
Is justice only lies?
Brave hero great and daring,
lay your life aside.
Be one with your creator,
And live as you have died.

... He would have been the better Prince.
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What did you learn in the world's deep, dark places?
what did you see where angels turn their heads away?
Did you learn to weep, did you learn to pray?
Are you the better for your stay?

What did you face in the world's deep, dark places?
What did you do where the hell fires glow?
Did your nature show, did your courage grow?
Would you be the better if you didn't know?

Do you miss the world's deep, dark places?
Can you find the words for hell to explain?
Could you bear the weight, could you take the strain?
If you could, would you do it all again?
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"What is a road," the feather asked,
"When compared against the sky?
It can not fly if it is tasked,
even if it can not die."
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Open the gate to the darkness
Open the gate to the sun
Open the door between hope and despair
Things broken can not be undone
Open the door and walk to the light
Open the gate and step from this world
Open the door and say good bye
Things silenced can never be heard
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If silence is bliss, what is damnation?
What price can be paid for such repose?
Is stillness, then, an ideal action?
And sweet darkness more so than a rose?
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Brother, Sister, Father, Child,
Rage gone rampant, fear run wild.
Blind your eyes, you can not see;
This is not all that there be.
Give me a cause and I'll be true;
I will never forsake you.
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